Simon Dolan, a professor from the Department of Managing People in Organisations at ESADE Business School participated in the second edition of Desayunos Cátedra, organised by the Chair for Management by Missions and Corporate Governance at UIC Barcelona.

The invited speaker talked about values, the essential element in our journey towards success in business and in our personal lives. The professor underlined the fact that if the values and objectives of each company are in line with each other, then we will achieve more meaning and happiness. However, “If a company’s values are not consistent then it will not survive”.

According to the director of the “Future of Work Chair” at ESADE, there are three complementary sets of values in an organisation that affect human behaviour in general. These are called the three “Es”economicethical and emotional values. According to Simon Dolan, the combination of these three sets of values help to define a business culture and business life.

The professor stated that if we only work for money we will not be able to maintain excellence and therefore we must promote passion and ethics in both our personal and work relationships. People need to leave their “comfort zone” to be able to innovate and contribute value to organisations, he added.

The breakfast started with a brief introduction to the subject of the debate by a conference speaker who is an expert in the material. Subsequently a debate was opened up in which participants could describe their own experiences.