The Chair performs a series of activities aimed at the transmission and dissemination of knowledge, such as participation in seminars, conference organization, roundtables and outreach activities about Management by Missions and Corporate Governance.

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The investigative activity of the Chair centres on three lines of investigation:

– Strategy and managerial mission

In this line of investigation we are employed on the integration and development of the mission at the models of strategy and corporate government.

– Person and work

In this line of investigation we try to discover the different types of motivation in the work, especially those that look for the satisfaction of needs of other persons.

– Humanism and company

In this line of investigation we study the paper of the company in the company from an anthropologic perspective, looking for solutions to the challenges that there raises the increasing complexity of our economic and social environment. On the basis of these three lines of investigation, we carry out such projects as:

– The mission in the company
– Integration of strategic logics
– The integration of the mission
– Motivation pro social and prostakeholders